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Noƫlla; modern witch & psychic medium, artist.

Mentor for Modern Medicinewomen

Accelerating your light through the realms of your shadow.

Currently weaving a sacred coven of Magick Woman š“‚€

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the RAWĀ® feminine is a platform for Modern Medicine Women. I am trained as a psychic medium and have +15 years of experience in guiding women. Besides that I have been a designer for over 20+ yrs,I enjoy diving in the spiral of creation.

With my RAW platform (Real Authentic Women) I activate women in their personal transformation, I inspire about spirituality with a Magick depth. During my ceremonies I work with plant medicine (truffel) and ā€˜chaos magickā€™. Last year I created a training program for Modern Medicine women. Twice a year I organize a big magickal gathering for +100 women in a church in Utrecht. My mission is to reach the medicine women (like the mediums, healers, witches etc) and create a safe coven for them to work from.


The topics I talk about in my Podcast are raw & real with the intention to inspire other women. I like to say stories that have the ‘rise like a phoenix’ touch; so how did you transform a situation in your life or how did you cope with it? What can we learn from it? I am not shy to ask questions that go deeper than you show on Instagram: what lies underneath behavior? Please share your feelings about shame, guilt, anger etc. Letā€™s skip the glossy part, but letā€™s get to the edgy, raw unspeakable things which we all feel but most of the time do not show. Here is your chance to break free from the chains of ā€˜the good girlā€ and show the world who you really are.

If you are interested in going deep, dark and dirty, letā€™s have a real talk on my RAW Podcast. Our conversation can be in English or in Dutch.

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Letā€™s have a real talk on my RAW Podcast.
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